BEE.conomics 2020

Transformation in South African asset management survey

Summary of findings

The purpose of this survey is to map the progress of transformation in the South African asset management sector and to showcase the universe of majority black- owned, managed and controlled asset managers across both public and private markets.

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by Polo Leteka Radebe, President of ABSIP

The year 2020 is turning out to be a watershed moment for the world at large and for South Africa in particular. As a country with a unique history premised on years of historical injustices and a unique transitional project into democratic rule, the South African story always needs to be narrated and articulated in a manner that acknowledges the uniqueness of our society at large.

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Impact of COVID-19


Environmental, social and governance

Fund facts

Compliance and operations

Private markets

B-BBEE scorecard

Product distribution


Business sustainability and societal impact

Brand building and industry influence

Sector overview


The number of black-owned asset managers across both public and private markets

R668 Billion

Total industry AUM

R1.6 Billion

Median asset manager AUM

R13.1 Billion

Mean asset manager AUM


Black market share of the total estimated South African savings and investment pool


Black market share of the unit trust industry


Black market share of the private markets industry


The number of people employed by the industry, down 4.5% from last year


The percentage of profitable firms


Impact of COVID-19