Impact of COVID-19

In the first week of January with South Afirca continuing its sojourn into the New Dawn with a 20/20 vision of growth and possibility, there was little anticipation of what was to be in the coming months.

COVID-19 has come to the fore with dramatic economic and social implications - not only in South Africa, but across the globe. The global pandemic has brought into question predicted trajectories for economic growth, employment, profitability, sustainable development and - vital within the South African context - B-BBEE.


Of firms expect a drop in revenue/ profits for this financial year


Of firms see a rise in appetite for impact investment aligned to the UN SDGs


Of firms have implemented cost containment measures


Of firms believe that global allocations should be channelled through local firms


Unanimous agreement that the world of work has forever changed


Of firms expect an increase in M&A activity

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